We would like to share our trip to Paris with you…

Kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower at night

If we had to make one statement about our trip, it would be “Paris took my breath away.”

Literally, there were times that we gasped as we saw something of such beauty, elegance, and magnitude that Paris actually took our breath away. Sometimes it was less subtle or not as extreme as actually gasping, but we would see something, ooh or Ah, turn to each other and say “hey, look at this”, “Wow!”, or sometimes it was complete silence and motionlessness as we would gaze upon a site or piece of art. A few times our reactions were delayed and would strike us later that night or the next morning, as we recalled what we had seen or experienced.

With “Paris, take my breath away”, we are living life memories that we cherish and are often talk about. We made this web site to share these memories. We hope you enjoy.

A few notes to help you navigate these pages:

This is my first web site. I’ll put the days Itinerary on the left.

These pictures are just the special highlights and lifetime memories, “things that take my breath away.” For the most part, they are in chronological progression of the day.

Also, all pictures are shot with an iPhone and very few may have been tweaked slightly in Photoshop. There fewer than five pictures that to the best of my knowledge are open source and not copyrighted. If they are let me know and I’ll give credit or remedy, This is not for profit, so all should be good. If you need to contact me please do, at drew144k@yahoo.com.