We had two bonus days in France that we would like to share with you. Our friend joined us just after breakfast, she was the reason why we made it to Paris.  We were there for her 50th birthday. She works for the Magic Kingdom and thus there was a little magic with the celebration.

Disneyland Paris is nicest of the four Disney parks that I have been to.  I have to say that the Paris park is the best. It is a little smaller than the Florida and California (less walking, thank you!), but it seemed much better kept. It was my understanding that there was a big overhaul and upgrades for the 25th celebration and I think it paid off.  Unfortunately, remembering to take pictures was overshadowed by the fun of Disneyland and sharing our experience of the last week with Natalie.

We finished the day at a nice restaurant and then headed back to our rooms to recover from another great day.

The next day, I did a little bit of sightseeing. I do need to share this one story. To gain entry, I have been using my museum pass that lasted for 6 or 7 days but I was not sure when it started. When I went to Napoleon’s Tomb, I showed my museum pass and asked how long it was it good for. The attendant asked how much longer I was staying in Paris. I told him that this is my last day and after this I have ticket for the Eiffel Tower and going home. He asked how I liked Paris, and I told him how I fell in love with the city and so enjoyed my stay here. With that, he said my pass was expired, but that I may enter because he wanted to share his city with a tourist who so enjoyed and loved his city. With a smile and hand shake, I invited him to go surfing with me in Southern California.  This is just one of the many times that I felt like I made an instant friend in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

I hope that you have enjoyed us sharing our trip with you and hope that we have inspired you to travel to Paris. I don’t think that you’ll regret it. Merci! Au Revoir!