All Day at Château de Versailles Apr 12, 2018

Today we’ll explore the elaborate palace that Louis XIV, XV, and XVI called home. We’ll make the 30-minute train trip to Versailles, where we’ll have a guided tour of the dazzling Hall of Mirrors and other sumptuous rooms of the palace. You’ll then have free time to wander through the expansive gardens and visit the farm animals at Marie Antoinette’s hamlet — or zip back to Paris early via one of the frequent trains. Train: 1 hour. Walking: strenuous.


Today we get to go to Versailles.

 We took the Metro and then transferred to a commuter train and before you know it we were in Versailles. Versailles is also the name of the town and the end of the line for the train.

Once you leave the station you turn right and go to the main street and turn left and “bam”, there she is. To the front door from this spot was probably a quarter of a mile still. If you notice, there are large groups of people on the left and right of the gate.  Would you venture to guess how long we had to wait? Not long, as our guides paid the tariff and once again, we had a per-arranged a guide.  We started the tour with just enough time outside to sneak in a few pictures.

Versailles is such a man-made piece of living history.  There have been several world events here, but out of respect, the palace has never been destroyed. Even during the French revolution Versailles was not burnt, but simply looted on a limited base, most of the art furniture was sold to raise money for the new Government. During both World Wars the battle lines were not far from the palace of Versailles; however, there was not a threat of bombing.  Out of reverence for historical monuments, all parties left Versailles off limits.

The Hall of Mirrors, got it own set of pictures. I have seen this room on TV and documentaries and still I was shocked and gasped as we turned the corner to see this room. I am sure there was a hidden Ninja cutting onions as I just stood there taking in the beauty of this room.  Yes.  A tear of joy came to my eye.  If God himself needed a throne room on earth this would be a worthy place.

At the end of the grand canal, there is a nice restaurant, La Flottille, where we had a wonderful lunch.  Even the place mats were art within themselves. The waiter noticed that we were enjoying how nice they were and asked if we wanted to keep one for a souvenir. Within a few minutes, he came out of the back area with with two place mats for us to take home. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the hamlet, gardens, and palace. Then we returned to Paris on the train just as the rain started.  As we came near to our hotel, we darted in to a lovely café for our evening meal.  Once again, we had a beautiful French meal with outstanding service.  After that it was a short walk to the hotel and the end of another memorable day. Time to rest up for another exciting day.  

On day 4 I talked about the BBC Series Versailles too see the palace is just amazing. I would like to share the season 1 trailer with you.

For Christmas of 2018 I ordered the DNA kit from “23 and me” Imagine my surprise when I got the results and found out I am a decedent of King Louis XVI. I truly felt at home in the palace of Versailles, now it makes sense.