Tour Over After Breakfast Apr 14, 2018

Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. It’s a breeze to reach Paris’ airports by taxi, shuttle, or public transportation. Your guide will help you with any post-tour planning, leaving you well prepared for the road ahead. Merci et au revoir!

I have referred to our tour guides, many times and in some of the picture they are in the group of back ground. This is the only picture that I have of both of them together. We were celebrating a Birthday, but more importantly, I would like to give a special thanks to Toni and her Trainee Antoine, who I am sure will be a great tour guide. Antoine was introduced as a trainee. Everything I saw was not of a mentoring relationship, but that of a team. They worked well together and I would be more than happy to have them as a tour guides again.


After the Rick Steve tour was over after a group breakfast.  Some were departing and some stayed a few days more.  We were a part of the latter group.

The night before the tour group had a farewell dinner that was real nice closing of the trip. As with the last week many joined for breakfast, a few people had early planes to catch and left early. We just turned in the ear pieces and exchanged email and bid everyone farewell, and safe travels home or to their next adventure.

Both the tour guides and the Hotel staff were eager to help or arrange transpiration or any other accommodation that were needed. Many of these were taken care of beforehand, and they made sure that the last impression of Paris was of not of inconvenience or hassle as people started their journey back of home or to other destinations.

Au Revoir does not mean good-bye but till we meet again, or till I see you.

Now that the trip is over I can see why in the beginning we were told of so many return customers. Debra and I will be taking another Rick Steves tour. Here are just a few of the reason why.

We learned how to not over pack

During the pre-trip, we did discuss how one of Rick Steves Rules is not to over pack and that everything must be carried on the plane. This is more for the traveling tours (multi-city), but the fact is this is a great rule of thumb and we have put this in to practice for all our travelling now.

 We learn how to travel

We learned how to plan a vacation trip. Daily planning and project management is not a problem it was learning how and the daily bench marks to be used when touring a city. We have planned a trip the Washington DC area using the same matrix and schedules.


Having a scheduled package of events, hotel, breakfast and half of our meals with the group gave us a sense of financial control. This made budgeting easy and stress free. We had no unexpected expenses or at any time during our trip and did we feel that we were in a tourist trap. This will make it a lot easier to plan other trips knowing that we do not have to over plan financially, and we spent our time worry-free and enjoyed know we were well within our budget.