Paris – the flight over and arrival.

For the flight over we decided to fly Air France. This was a nonstop flight from LAX to Charles De Gaulle airport just north of Paris.

Air France was epitome of great customer service.  There were so many wonderful people on the flight to make sure were happy including the flight attendants and the steward.  The flight was wonderful. Domestic flying now days is nothing more than a glorified Airbus.  Back in the day, there were always drinks or a meal depending on the length of the flight.  Now you’re lucky to get a soda and a bag of chips.  International flying is the way to go, and should be the standard that domestic flights should try to achieve with regard to customer service.  We were off to a great start.

We flew over one of our many destinations of our normal flights and vacation. My parents live in Lansing, Michigan, and I cannot help to think how close we are, yet were off onto another adventure. When I shared with my mother and father that we were going to Paris they were very happy for us. Travel tip: The taxi ride fares are set fares from the airport.… For the left bank and right bank of the Seine river.  Interesting that when I did get into the taxi, I saw something from my childhood.

Who knew they still made cars with crank-up windows, the taxi driver was a nice gentleman from a
North African country.

Since the taxi fare was a set rate, I assumed the driver would take the most direct route to our hotel. I really wasn’t paying attention to where we were and then all of a sudden we turned and I can see the iron lady for the first time with my own eyes. I’ve seen hundreds and thousands of pictures of the Eiffel Tower, on the Internet, pictures, books and movies. This, however, was the first time that I saw her with my own eyes. I gasped at how majestic she looked. The URL theme of this web site is how Paris took my breath away, and this was the first time that occurred. Little did I know that this would become a common occurrence.

We had moments of anticipation as we studied and prepared for our trip. Even the airline flight gave us a few pleasant surprises. Yet the first time, I saw the Eiffel Tower, there was a pause in my breathing as I stood in amazement. The taxi took just blocks from the Eiffel tower, to the Hotel Londres Eiffel.

Here are some photos of the breakfast room.  This would be a common meeting place for the tour group and other guests. Each morning over breakfast the group would exchange their adventures from the day before when we all had time to roam freely through the city. This time allowed us get to know them personally as travelers and friends.

We did not sleep very well on the plane trip, and we were excited to be in Paris, After a late lunch / early dinner, we took a nap for a few hours to wake back up and walk over to the Eiffel Tower at sunset.  We enjoyed a walk around the large park, just taking in the sights and sounds. There were people drinking wine on picnic blankets and the normal hustle and bustle of the tourists.  Everybody seemed to be very happy and just enjoying the moment, whether they were tourists or residents of the city.

After the Sunset, at the top of the hour, for 15 minutes, the Eiffel Tower sparkles.  Deb actually cried tears of joy seeing how beautiful the tower was.  The cover photo of the homepage, where we share a kiss in line with the tower, has actually become one of our favorite photos.  We soon walked back to our hotel to retire for an exciting journey ahead.